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rings aren't just for skinny fingers!


rings made for thicc fingers

it's about time we had something for us

Fat Palm Jewellery is the world's first jewellery shop dedicated to exclusively providing plus-size jewellery. All of our jewellery is handmade in the UK using all natural, sustainable materials. Made for plus-size folx by plus-size folx because rings aren't just for skinny fingers.

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body positivity

The mainstream fashion industry is whack and while some brands are starting to realise that people with larger bodies exist, the movement is slow on the ground.  Our handmade wire wrapped jewellery is designed to fit plus-size bodies. Each piece is handcrafted at our artist's workbench in Scotland using a selection of all natural, premium materials. All gemstones are ethically sourced and our packaging is100% recycled and recycable.


We are the world's first plus-sized jewellery shop. We're on a mission to celebrate diverse bodies by adorning them with fantastic, handmade jewellery. We work with natural materials to create bespoke copper wire wrapped jewellery designed for plus-size folks.

We cannot wait for you to try our rings; we know you'll love them! 

the Fat palm team
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