the first plus size jewellery shop

we're a big deal

We're the world's first plus-size jewellery shop and while we're honoured to take that title we think it's pretty f*ckin' crazy that in 2020 this was still a situation. But we're here to rectify that one fat palm at a time!

Who are we? We're Mel and Anyo, the artist and the founder of Fat Palm Jewellery. The idea for Fat Palm developed when Mel sent Anyo a simply stunning copper wire-wrapped ring. Straight from the box, Anyo slipped the ring on her plus-size finger and it fit perfectly!  Anyo was smitten and for the first time knew what it felt like to have a ring fit her fingers "off the peg". 

Many two-hour long phone calls and brainstorming sessions later and Fat Palm was born. It is our mission to make every plus-sized person feel the way Anyo felt when wearing her ring for the first time. We believe that rings are for everyone no matter how big your body is.

 Make sure it fits, babes! 

Ring measurements for plus size