Fat Fingers Wanted

Updated: Jan 21

At present, the retail industry regularly overlooks folx with larger bodies. We don't. We want you and your fat fingers here at Fat Palm Jewellery.

We understand the struggle of shopping for jewellery when you have a larger body. Whether in a high street supermarket or at an artisan craft fayre, ring sizes tend to favour those with slender fingers.

We've been there too: panicked in the shop, when the ring that you tried on gets stuck on your finger. We've felt the sweaty-palmed panic as the humiliation of having to saunter up to the customer service desk and sheepishly ask for assistance becomes reality.

Jewellery shopping shouldn't induce panic but for many people with larger bodies, it does just that. At Fat Palm, our mission is to make jewellery accessible to everyone regardless of their body size. Our rings are available in three different sizes and we guarantee to have a ring to fit your plus-sized body. If you don't see a ring that will fit, drop us an email and we can discuss making a bespoke ring to suit your needs.

Fat Palm Jewellery Plus Size Ring Sizes Chart

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The Fat-Fingered Women at Fat Palm Jewellery 🌴

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